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What’s the Difference Between A Roll-Off, Residential and Construction Dumpster?

Understanding the Differences:

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A Roll-Off Dumpster

A roll-off dumpster is a large spacious wide open (no top) container that is used for waste and debris disposal. Roll-off dumpsters make it possible to complete any number of home projects, yard cleanups or assorted large debris removal needs quickly and efficiently. Customers can choose from a variety of dumpster sizes from as little as 10 yards to as large as 40 yard capacities to fit their needs. To understand the size that will work best for your project would be to fill out an order form or give us a call at 888-888-8888. Dumpster Deal is always available to handle all your dumpster rental needs, whether you are looking for a smaller sized dumpster or are considering ordering the largest sized dumpster, we’ve got you covered.

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Residential Dumpster Rental

Residential dumpsters are often the ideal solution when contemplating a move, cleaning out the garage, tossing out old or damaged furniture or getting rid of old clothing. The 10 and 20 cubic yard sized dumpsters are great for these types of projects. There is no need to worry about the debris and garbage that needs to be disposed of, you can put all your waste and junk into an easy to use residential dumpster rental. The use of a residential dumpster rental gives homeowners the ability to place the container on their property and in an ideal location. We offer quick service dumpster deliveries and pickups within 24 to 48 hours of your request.

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Construction Dumpster Rental

Our construction dumpster rentals can handle materials such as bricks, scrap metal, asphalt, brick blocks, concrete, wood and drywall are all easily disposed of in a portable dumpster unit. A 30 yard or 40 cubic yard roll-off construction dumpster rental might be just what you need for your project. Lots of space and a much larger weight limit you will be able to get rid of more construction debris and waste. Our construction dumpsters are ideal for the disposal of heavy concrete materials, large landscaping jobs and heavy roofing debris. With affordable rates for those working within a tight budget a construction dumpster will be the best choice.

The Wide Range of Uses for Our Roll-Off Residential and Construction Dumpster Rentals:

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Home & Garage Projects

Whether your cleaning out a home or garage our dumpster rental services makes the process easy. We offer fast delivery and pickup, we will help get you started on your project asap. We have longer rental periods and convenient placement of our dumpster rentals. We will find the best spot on your property to place the dumpster.
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Home Improvement Projects

We provide dumpster rentals for home improvement projects. Our dumpsters accept a variety of materials and debris. Our customer service team will give you expert advice on finding the right dumpster for your project. We also offer delivery support, we will make sure your dumpster rental is delivered to and placed in the correct location.


With one of our dumpster rentals we will help get rid of unwanted items and make your next move simple. With placement on your property we make downsizing easy. We offer extended rentals so you can take your time sorting through your unwanted stuff. We make ordering a dumpster easy, call Monday-Friday and order a dumpster within minutes.
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General Construction

Our dumpster rentals are great for removing construction debris and materials. We make a construction job simple with easy clean up. No need to leave your waste lying around your property. We have large capacity dumpsters that can be used for removing heavy construction materials. Need more than one dumpster? We can help with that.

Disaster and Storm Cleanup

Cleanup after bad weather can be stressful and overwhelming. Our ordering system helps make your cleanup easy. We have support and will be available to you to answer any question. Our quick and fast turn around pick ups will get that unwanted storm cleanup taken care of.
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Our Ultra-Convenient, Low-Cost Dumpster Rentals are Ideal for all Home and Yard Clean-Ups

Dumpster Deal roll-off dumpster rentals are really catching on now that more and more people are taking on simple projects at home. Renting a dumpster makes it far easier to complete home projects when you have a place to put construction scrap, concrete bits, lumber scraps and assorted odds and ends. In addition to home remodeling projects, Dumpster Deal rentals are perfect for outdoor cleanups, assorted home projects and moving clean-outs.
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