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If you have any question just call our office at 866-954-0134

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The Dumpster Deal Rental 5 Step Process

Renting a roll-off from Dumpster Deal is seamless and easy. Our team will guide you every step of the way. The simple steps are as follows:


1. Call for a Flat-Rate Quote

Give us a call at 866-954-0134 any time you need to have a dumpster delivered. You may also fill out our quick online form for a quote. One of our local representatives will be glad to provide you with a competitive flat-rate quote, so you’ll have a good idea what to expect when renting a dumpster.

2. Discuss Your Project Requirements

You can expect to answer a few questions about the purpose for your Dumpster Deal rental such as the size your considering, the type of debris you’ll be placing in the unit and if you have any unusually heavy debris requirements. This type of information will help us to recommend an ideal size for your debris cleanup. The dumpster sizes we offer are 10, 20, 30 and 40 cubic yards.

3. Determine When You Need the Dumpster Delivered

Our service representative will check available delivery dates and times that are open for dumpster deliveries in your area. You’ll also be glad to learn that residents don’t have to be home when dumpsters are delivered, so long as we have a general idea where you want the unit placed on your property.

4. Fill Your Dumpster

You can fill just about every square inch of your dumpster with debris providing you don’t exceed the weight requirement or allow debris to extend over the top or sides of the unit.

5. Call for Dumpster Pickup

When the dumpster is full, just give us a call at 866-954-0134 to pick up, and we’ll make arrangements to have a representative pick up your unit.